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MY Rules

Post by Ashlyn on Tue May 24, 2011 6:10 pm

Take some time to read this information before starting to use the boards of this forum:

Main Rules
1. Have Fun, This is just a fed you don't need to go personal
2. Do not disrespect other members and/or admins
4. No spamming, Don't post irrelevant stuffs
5. No advertising about other sites unless you have permission from the Owner {Ashlyn/Bredy}
6. Keep you signatures & avatars with normal size, if it’s too big it’ll be deleted
7. Don't double post
8. No Nudity
10.Don't question why you lost, We Know what we are doing, there is no need to start some drama because of a lose.
11. Don't ask to be the GM, We will ask you if we need any help
12. Please write the suggestions you want in the Introduction forum
13. There is a Affiliates section below. No one can post there. Once you get the permission we ourselves will add your site in the column
14. Don't start RPing you are accepted
15. Don't beg for superstars that have been taken
16. Don't beg us for mod/admin powers

Rping Rules
1. You Cannot and should not write more than the WORD Limit provided to you, this will get you disqualifed
2. RPing results will be judged on Quality not quantity
3. If You no show, and don't RP within the limit twice, You will be fired
4. No racial content should be written in your RPs
5. If You are a CAW, you are not permitted to use the pic base of a wrestler who is taken
6. In Your RPs, you cannot physically attack anyone, tYou will be disqualified by doing so
7. You cannot use another character in your RPs, without asking their Permission
8. RPs posted should not be stolen, if they are the person will be banned automatically
9. You are not permitted to write sexual scenes in your RPs
8. You are not allowed to edit your RPs once they are posted

Chat Rules
1. Do not use capitals for everything you write, it’s considered as yelling
2. Respect the members on the chat, don't cause Drama
3. Don’t spam the chatbox
4. Don't fight and please ENJOY, that is the reason we are here
5. Please come online in the chat box if possible because that is the best way to communicate and interact with fellow members and also it helps to make the site more active
6. All members who are familiar with the site please help out new members who may enter the chat
7. DONT BEG FOR MOD.. OR OWNER.. If you irritate us alot.. You may be banned.
8. Mods/Owners, Don't kick anyone without any reason. You cannot ban someone for any stupid reason, and If something is really wrong, and someone is causing drama, It is your duty to ban or kick him
9. It is advisable for mods and members to look up to an owner, for advices regarding anything

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