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Things to Buy

Post by Ashlyn on Thu May 26, 2011 12:40 pm

  • General Manager for the Night: $150,000

    Simple enough, you get to book Raw for one week. Just please keep your bookings and match types somewhat reasonable, no crazy stuff like Barbed Wire Exploding Table matches, come on now. There's only two rules, you must adhere to current storylines going on at the time...and you are responsible for getting the show done. My writing services will be at your disposal, as should Blade's...but the GM for the night will be responsible for putting the show together and up.

    Pick your own PPV stipulation: $100,000

    Easily explained, you pick the stipulation you want for your own PPV match. Only condition has to have a certain element of realism to it. For example...something like a flaming rope, barbed wire match might fly in Japan.....but here....not so much. Also, please use this at least two weeks I can build for it in the results.

    Book your own storyline: $75,000

    As good as I may think I'm doing...there's gonna be others who think they have better ideas. So you use this, and you get to choose your own opponent and run your own storyline over the period of a month.

    Pick your own Raw or Smackdown stipulation: $80,000

    Same thing as pick your own PPV stip.....but for Raw.....same conditions.....except this must be used one week prior. For future purchases, please refrain from booking super extreme matches on a weekly show.

    Pick Your Rival's opponent: $75,000

    You can pick who your Rival will face on RAW. It can be anyone from a jobber to prepare him for your match to the Thy Unified World champion. This has to be known 1 week prior.

    Pick your Rival's stipulation: $75,000

    With this you cant change who he faces but you can throw him into any match type that isnt to crazy. As written above something like a flaming rope, barbed wire match might fly in Japan.....but here....not so much. Must be known 1 week proir.

    Intentionally get disqualified to retain title: $150,000

    This can only be used once every sixty days, other then that it's pretty self explanatory.



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Re: Things to Buy

Post by Shane McMahon on Sun May 29, 2011 1:53 pm

Great im going to start the Money System Today!


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